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Job Opportunities: We are looking to hire Practice Nurses (EN or RN) with immediate notice. There are multiple positions available. Interested candidates should email their resume/CV to pm.efmsc[at]

Get your little ones summer-ready: Why a visit to a paediatrics clinic important this summer

A little girl in summer beach, healthy after her paediatric consultation, Epping paediatrics clinic

This year’s summertime for Melbourne feels extra precious. After the pandemic has kept all of us indoors for several months, finally we are allowed to go out and enjoy the sun. 

Playing at local playgrounds, hitting the beaches and spending as much time as possible outdoors is perhaps what every kid in Melbourne would want to do more than ever this summer.  

Yet, summers can be challenging, especially for parents. Since, the risks are certainly higher for dehydration, sunburn, sunstroke and other diseases, taking care of your little ones can become an additional responsibility that often costs heavily on parents and their pockets. 

So, when considering making your children summer-ready, also consider a visit to your local paediatrics clinic.

Dr Sial, our expert Epping paediatrician recommends parents to be aware of the various risk factors for kids during the summer and take preventive measures to keep them healthy and active throughout the season. 

He also emphasises  a routine check-up just before the summers is a great time to discuss safety health practices for your kids, their nutrition and sleep and how to prevent any childhood diseases specific to summers.

Here’s are some tips to keep your kids active and healthy this summer

Summers are busy and so are your kids. Since your children are busy playing and spending time outdoors, they need extra care from you and their doctors. 

In fact care for summer season by paediatricians in Epping

1) Sun safety for children 

Sunlight helps to produce Vitamin-D in our bodies. It helps to strengthen our bones and our immune system. 

However, over-exposure to sun’s UV radiations has greater risk of sunburn, heatstroke and damage to skin and eyes for children and infants. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause cancer in your kid’s later in life. For infants, even little exposure to very hot climates could cause dehydration which may lead to heat stroke. 

Therefore in extreme heat, it is safer to remain indoors and plan your activities whereit’s safe for your kids. Parents are also advised to cover-up their kids with airy clothes to save them from direct sunlight and use shades to block UV rays for their eyes. Children should also apply water-resistant sunscreen to any part of the body that is not covered with clothes and it must be done 20 minutes prior to being outside in sun.  

2) Keep your kids hydrated during the hot weather 

As human bodies are 60%-80% water, it plays a vital role in stabilising your body’s temperature as well as associated with enhanced energy level, focus and being active. 

As children are less effective in sweating and exert more heat during physical activities, they are also at a higher risk of dehydration and subsequently falling sick. 

So while your kids are wrapped up with summer activities, parents must be aware of the signs and symptoms of dehydration in their kids. Dehydration signs like dizziness or light-headedness, yellow or brown urine, headaches and dry skin for your kids would mean they need to drink water. 

3) Create healthy summer meals and snacks 

As the temperature begins to soar in Epping, our expert paediatrics recommends parents to stick to a healthy diet that includes plenty of seasonal produce and fruits to create healthy meals for the kids. 

To limit the use of sugar and processed food, look for healthier alternatives like fresh juice, coconut water and home-made ice creams. 

Parents are also advised to serve more water-rich foods like watermelon which has 90% water content that makes it the perfect summer fruit

The need for a paediatric visit this summer

A boy learning summer health tips from a paediatrician, Epping Paediatrics clinic

COVID-19 has become the critical cause of children missing their regular paediatric care. There could be negative consequences of missing paediatric care for children. Specialist Paediatricians like Dr Sial from Epping can manage the health of your child including a range of physical and mental health issues.  

A regular visit to your local peadiatrician would mean your children are receiving adequate medical care and making sure they meet their milestones in growth, development, skills and behaviour.

At our Epping clinic, our expert paediatrician specialises in identifying, diagnosing and treating a range of children and adolescent physical and mental health issues. 

For any concern on your child’s health, consult our doctors for their best health. 

Book for an online appointment or call us at (03) 8402 0400 for further information on our paediatrics services.


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