Billing Policy

Updated, as of 01-Aug-2023.

*Please note: There will a cost of $30.00 charged to the patient who do not cancel their appointment in 24 hrs/ No shows, unless the charges are cleared pt will not be consulted by any GPs at EPPING FAMILY MEDICAL AND SPECIALIST CENTRE

Bulk Billing:

  • For all patients holding a valid Medicare Card.

*Note: Out-of-pocket charges apply to the following services

ServiceOut-of-pocket Charges
Ear Syringing$30.00
Implanon Insertion$30.00
Implanon Removal$30.00
Implanon Insertion and Removal$60.00
Iron Infusion$100.00
Cervical Screening$30.00
Marina Removal$30.00
Treatment room Use$20.00

Private Billing (for all the patients who do not hold a valid Medicare card):

  • Private patients are to be billed as follows:
    • Standard consultation ($50)
    • Long consultation ($80)
    • Extra-Long consultation ($120).

Travel Vaccination:

  • For administration of vaccine: No fees for is taken from patients with a valid Medicare card. Patients without a valid Medicare card are charged privately, with a minimum of $60 per consultation.
  • For purchase of vaccine: Cost for the purchase of required vaccination are to be borne by the patients, whether they hold a Medicare card, or not.

Allied Health Fees:

  • Payments for Allied Health professionals operating in EFMSC are charged by the Allied Health professionals separately and the Practice Staff is not involved in charging and billing process.
  • However, the Practice Staff at the Front Desk can be contacted to find out the fees of any specific health professional, if possible.

Mode of Payment:

  • The Practice accepts payments from the patients via cash or debit/credit card.
  • Holders of private health insurance are also obliged to pay for their consultations at the counter, as the Practice does not claim these expenses from the insurance companies. Upon acceptance of payment from the patients, the Practice Staff is obliged to issue a Payment Receipt, which the patients can utilize to lodge a claim with their respective insurance companies.
  • All private fees are to be paid by the patients on the day of treatment. We do not encourage deferred payments, therefore all the patients are urged to make sure that the payments are made at the time of their consultations.

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