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Billing Policy

Updated, as of 01-January-2024.

Mixed Billing:

    We are transitioning to Mixed Billing

    Dear Valued Patients,

    Epping Family Medical & Specialist Centre is transitioning from Bulk Billing to Mixed billing commencing from Tuesday 2nd January 2024. From this day, our practice fees will be changing and patients who have been routinely bulk billed may be charged an out-of-pocket fee of $30.00

    Why are we changing our fees?

    Over the year the operating costs for running a general practice such as rent, medical supplies, wages, digitization, Payroll Tax (New tax on GP practices in VIC) have risen at a far greater rate than paid by Medicare.

    We shall however continue to BULK BILL eligible patient groups for most of the consultation types like:

    • Children under 16 years of age
    • Health Care card / Pension Card
    If you are genuinely financially disadvantaged, please speak with your doctor.

    We thank you for your understanding and continued Support.

    *Note: Out-of-pocket charges apply to the following services
    • Implanon Insertion: $50.00
    • Implanon Removal: $50.00
    • Implanon Insertion and Removal:$60.00
    CANCELLATION FEESPlease note that a cancellation fee of $30.00 will apply if you fail to turn up to your appointment or cancel your appointment within 24hours of appointment booking time


    Private Billing (for all the patients who do not hold a valid Medicare card):

    • Private patients are to be billed as follows:
      • Standard consultation ($60)
      • Long consultation ($100)
      • Extra-Long consultation ($140).

    Individual values have changed for long consult and Extra-long consult as before please reflect the charges as above

    Travel Vaccination:

    • For administration of vaccine: No fees for is taken from patients with a valid Medicare card. Patients without a valid Medicare card are charged privately, with a minimum of $60 per consultation.
    • For purchase of vaccine: Cost for the purchase of required vaccination are to be borne by the patients, whether they hold a Medicare card, or not.

    Allied Health Fees:

    • Payments for Allied Health professionals operating in EFMSC are charged by the Allied Health professionals separately and the Practice Staff is not involved in charging and billing process.
    • However, the Practice Staff at the Front Desk can be contacted to find out the fees of any specific health professional, if possible.

    Mode of Payment:

    • The Practice accepts payments from the patients via cash or debit/credit card.
    • Holders of private health insurance are also obliged to pay for their consultations at the counter, as the Practice does not claim these expenses from the insurance companies. Upon acceptance of payment from the patients, the Practice Staff is obliged to issue a Payment Receipt, which the patients can utilize to lodge a claim with their respective insurance companies.
    • All private fees are to be paid by the patients on the day of treatment. We do not encourage deferred payments, therefore all the patients are urged to make sure that the payments are made at the time of their consultations.

    To make an appointment call (03) 8402 0400 or

    Latest News: Dorevitch Pathology collection centre is available onsite for our patients!
    Latest News: Dorevitch Pathology collection centre is available onsite for our patients!