Family doctor - paediatric consultant available at Epping. Little child visiting paediatrician playing with stethoscope.

Paediatricians are medical specialists who diagnose, treat and provide medical care for babies, children and teenagers. They deal with illnesses and the child’s physical, mental and behavioural development.

What do our Paediatrician’s specialise in?

  • Failure to grow, under-weight & feeding problems, click, constipation, Coeliac Disease, food allergies
  • Hyperactive child, ADHD, Autism & other behavioural issues
  • Childhood medical and endocrine problems: Diabetes, congenital Adrenal gland problems, short stature, puberty issues.
  • Childhood cancers
  • Any Childhood Disease which needs specialist opinion such as Epilepsy, heart diseases, asthma, joint pain, allergies.
  • Sleeping difficulties

We have friendly and knowledgeable paediatricians available for consultations here at Epping Family Medical & Specialist Centre. 

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