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Job Opportunities: We are looking to hire an after-hours General Practitioner (GP). For further information, including how to apply, please visit our GP Vacancy Post

National Nutrition Week 2020

Woman cutting up pear in kitchen

National Nutrition Week 2020 is celebrated from October 15 to 21st. It aims to create awareness about the need for good nutrition to stay ahead in your health. Here’s all you need to know.

Good nutrition provides you with an overall health wellbeing

The choice of food you make will impact the way you feel in the future. Making the right food choices is like a long-term investment in your future well-being. Healthy food choice such as eating the optimum portions of vegetables, fruits and meat will not only benefit your physical health but also helps you maintain a good mental state.

Eating the right food helps to reduce the risk for many physical health problems including diabetes, heart diseases and helps maintain a healthy BMI. It also alleviates issues with sleeping and maintaining the energy that you need throughout your day.

For instance, eating a well-balanced diet complete with meat, fish, vegetables and nuts will reduce your risk for many health conditions like heart diseases, while indulging in food habits that are mostly sugar and high intake of carbonated drinks may increase your risks.

Making the right food choices is a long-term investment in your future well-being.

Getting proper nutrition through healthy foods plays a vital role in your mental and physical well-being. Your GP can help you consult an Accredited Practicing Dietitian like our Epping based dietitian Candice Newing can provide face to face as well telehealth consultation on diet, nutrition and chronic disease management through food and healthy lifestyle choices.

A selection of nutritious food on three plates

The impact of nutrition on your health

Poor eating habits have been creating an obesity pandemic – a major public health concern that has significant health and financial costs. In Australia, about one-quarter of children and adolescents are either overweight or obese.

This is more concerning for Australian adults as the prevalence of severe obesity has almost doubled over a period of 10 years affected more men than women. Even Australians with a healthy weight but a poor diet can be associated with major health risks causing diseases that need further medical intervention or even death. This includes diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol, weaker bones, poor gut health, hypertension and certain types of cancer.

The risk factors due to poor nutrition are more dangerous than we think. Often dietary habits are carried to your adulthood, something that was established when you were young.

According to a report on “Australian Eating Habits”, it was found that less than one Australian adult was able to meet the daily recommendation of vegetable consumption. These numbers can be damaging for the Australian health system as more people would require medical assistance due to their increased risk of suffering from diseases that could have been prevented by proper food and exercise.

It is too important to ignore the link between good nutrition and good health that reduces your health risks.

The key is to establish food habits that can be easily practised on a day-to-day basis. This is where our Dietitian in Epping can help.

Eating the real, wholemeal foods, at the appropriate time and quantity will provide you with all the nutrition you need to promote your physical and mental health.

It's time to start eating healthy!

As with physical activities, making the right choices and some changes will benefit you in a long way. Let’s find out.

Family sitting at table happily as they consume healthy food

Eating the Rainbow Diet not only makes your food look good but keeps your fighting fit.

The rainbow diet includes foods of a variety of colour that can be different types of vegetables and fruits in your diet. A generous serving of a variety of vegetables and fruits in your dinner and lunch can be the cornerstone to your healthy and active life.

Fruits and vegetables provide all the essential nutrients, for example, lemons are rich in vitamin C, broccoli provides us with the fibre and iron requirement and so on.

The regular rainbow diet can prevent and also delay the onset of many diseases.

The Mediterranean diet that blends tradition and basics.

Wooden chopping board with a selection of Mediterranean diet foods

Approved by the World Health Organisation, the Mediterranean Diet blends the basics of healthy eating with traditional flavours and cooking methods of the Mediterranean.

This healthy heart diet comes from the Italian and Greek cultures that are associated with reduced risk to heart and other cardiovascular diseases. This diet is typically high in poultry, vegetables, fruits and dairy products that provide all the essential nutrients you keep you active and healthy. The central focus of this type of diet is to eat locally sourced seafood, healthy fats such as avocados and including fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Food that can impact the way you feel

Colourful fruits and vegetables as well as fermented food items like yoghurt, kimchi etc are thought to affect the same part of the brain as some anti-depressants.

The bacteria that are found in fermented food products are influences your mood and helps with feelings related to anxiety and depression.

Much research proves that the probiotics and probiotics found in fermented food items have a great effect on your mental health.

Get your quality nutritional advice from Epping’s expert Dietitian

Our qualified (APD) dietitian Candice Newman helps you with any questions on nutrition, from general diet consultation to detailed advice for diet and specific health issues including diet for chronic disease management. At our Epping Dietitian clinic, we aim to improve health and nutrition through carefully chosen food and some changes to your lifestyle choices, supporting you and your family to build a healthy relationship of your body with food. To consult our Epping Dietitian, you can book for an online appointment or alternatively call us at (03) 8902 0400 for further discussions.


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