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Category: Nutrition

A heart health doctor stressing the importance of healthy diet and exercise to ward off heart disease

Top Diet and Lifestyle Measures to Ward Off Heart Disease

Heart disease is tricky. In order to prevent heart disease, it comes down to two things. First up, a heart-healthy diet that is free from unwanted sodium, and rich in omega fatty acid. Next is leading an active life coupled with limited alcohol consumption. Here is our top diet and lifestyle measures to ward off heart disease.

A woman who is feeling depressed rests her head on her hand as another woman comforts her

Can Iron Deficiency affect your mental health?

Iron deficiency is considered to be a physical condition, but there is a strong association between iron deficiency and struggling mental health.  Iron is a vital element that influences many other bodily functions. It is one of the main contributors to provide us with oxygenated blood. It keeps our brain and immune system ticking and

How to manage bronchiectasis through diet, Epping Family Medical and Specialist Centre

How to manage Bronchiectasis through diet?

Would you be surprised to hear that, “what you eat may influence how you breathe”? For someone with Bronchiectasis, obtaining optimum nutrition through diet becomes a crucial part of their overall disease management.

Woman cutting up pear in kitchen

National Nutrition Week 2020

National Nutrition Week 2020 is celebrated from October 15 to 21st. It aims to create awareness about the need for good nutrition to stay ahead in your health. Here’s all you need to know. Good nutrition provides you with an overall health wellbeing The choice of food you make will impact the way you feel

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Latest News: Dorevitch Pathology collection centre is available onsite for our patients!
Latest News: Dorevitch Pathology collection centre is available onsite for our patients!