Job Opportunities: We are looking to hire an after-hours General Practitioner (GP). For further information, including how to apply, please visit our GP Vacancy Post
Job Opportunities: We are looking to hire an after-hours General Practitioner (GP). For further information, including how to apply, please visit our GP Vacancy Post

When to see a doctor for headaches?

A girl suffering from regular headaches might need to see a doctor for her headaches, Doctors in Epping

Nearly every human being experiences headaches at some point in their life. They are so common that not having one can be pretty unusual, considering millions worldwide suffer from headaches and migraines every day. But some forms of headaches can indicate something more serious that would need you seeing a doctor for headaches. Let’s find out.   

Most bouts of day-to-day headaches are not something to be worried about. An extra glass of water or taking some time off your busy schedule to relax can do the magic. 

But, in case you’ve experienced the worst headache of your life or pain so severe that it has left you confused, then you definitely need to speak to your doctor. 

Being aware of your headaches, their patterns, locations, and what triggers them can provide important clues that something might be more severe than you think. 

Here are our top reasons when to see a doctor for headaches 

1) When headaches are pulsating, sharp, or at times even dull 

When your head starts throbbing in a way that almost feels like someone hammering your head, you know it – it’s a migraine, and it needs a visit to your doctors. Migraines are usually worse on only one side of the head that can last from a few hours to days when not treated. 

The migraine will typically start with throbbing pain on one side near the temples, or forehead, or around the eyes. It can also be accompanied by vision problems and sensitivity to light, sound, and moderate exertion. 

2) Headaches that suddenly appear at an older age 

When headaches suddenly appear, usually in people older than age 50, they can be a Temporal Arteritis (TA) symptom. This condition can lead to a heart attack when left untreated. 

To spot one, be remindful that headaches as a symptom of TA will appear all of a sudden, mainly affecting one side of the head and typically near the temples. About half of all patients with TA also suffer from jaw pain. 

3) Severe headaches that become worse over time

Headaches that becomes severe over time can be terrible if you delay a diagnosis. Progressive and severe headaches can be symptoms of bleeding in the brain (also called subarachnoid haemorrhage) and brain infections. 

In case of bleeding around the brain, a patient might suffer from a stiff neck along with headaches. On the other hand, when someone suffers from a brain infection. Headaches are almost always accompanied by vomiting and the inability to bear bright lights

4) When your head hurts when you cough a little too hard 

They are called cough headaches, and they are of two types. The primary ones are harmless and go away quickly. The secondary ones that tend to stay longer are the ones that are concerning. They need proper diagnosis as secondary cough headaches can be a sign of a brain tumour.  

5) When the headaches are sudden while also facing difficulty in remembering things 

When you suffer from sudden forgetfulness along with the sudden onset of headaches, it could be signs of psychological and mental health issues

The feeling of apprehension, anxiety, depression, and severe psychological issues, including dementia, are all examples of conditions charecterised by headaches and forgetfulness together. 

If you’re worried about headaches, get help with us

The good news is that headaches are widespread, and almost everyone experiences them from time to time. But, when your headaches are ongoing or there are accompanying symptoms, then it’s time to see a doctor. 

Since they are often the “red flags” to other underlying severe and life-threatening health issues, then it’s essential to know what’s normal and what’s not.  

If you are concerned about your headaches, meet our doctors for a thorough diagnosis. 


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