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Pre-Employment Medicals

We are proud to provide the community and surrounding areas of Epping with pre-employment medicals.  

Pre-Employment Medicals

Our team offers pre-employment medicals for a range of occupations that meet industry standards.

Pre-employment medicals at Epping Family Medical & Specialist Centre include:

  • Taxi and commercial vehicle and heavy vehicle driver medicals
  • Pre-placement and pre-employment checks
  • Diving medicals
  • Aviation medicals
  • Mining and remote area worker medicals
  • Volunteer and overseas medicals

What are pre-employment medicals?

Pre-employment medicals tick a range of boxes such as ensuring an employee is fit and healthy to carry out their work and comply with government and business standards.

Some occupations require employees to drive vehicles, work in hazardous environments or operate heavy or dangerous machinery.

Taking a pre-employment medical means proving that you’re medically fit to work in such environments and operate the required machinery, equipment or vehicles safely.

This safety is the main goal of pre-employment medicals.

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Pre-employment medicals at Epping Family Medical & Specialist Centre

Our pre-employment medicals are carried out by our trained professionals in our private consultation rooms.

Our doctors use testing equipment and methods that meet all government, industry and individual company requirements.

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More information on pre-employment medicals – FAQs

What do you check in a pre-employment medical?

This depends on the industry you work in. Some employers simply require a quick physical check, while others require more thorough testing.

Pre-employment medicals can include:

  • Blood tests
  • Vision tests
  • Drug screening
  • Hearing checks
  • Lung function tests
  • General physical check
  • X-rays

Why are pre-employment medicals required?

Pre-employment medicals are required to protect the health and safety of employees and customers in the workplace.

They help identify any existing medical conditions or limitations that may affect a person’s ability to perform their job safely.

Additionally, they can assist employers in determining appropriate workplace accommodations if necessary.

What happens if I fail a pre-employment medical?

This depends on your employer and the industry you work in.

Sometimes, corrective treatments may be required such as blocked ear treatment, eyeglasses or medication to alleviate symptoms or allergies.

In most cases, employers and predetermined requirements decide on the outcome of pre-employment medical results.

Are pre-employment medicals mandatory for all jobs?

No. Typically, jobs that don’t require employees to work in dangerous environments or have a responsibility for other people’s safety don’t require pre-employment medicals.

The requirement for pre-employment medicals varies depending on local regulations and the nature of the job.

Certain occupations that involve high-risk activities, such as heavy machinery operation or healthcare positions, often have mandatory pre-employment medical assessments.

Other industries may only require medicals for specific positions or in certain circumstances.

Who pays for pre-employment medicals?

The responsibility for paying for pre-employment medicals typically falls on the employer.

However, this can depend on local laws and company policies.

In some cases, the cost may be shared between the employer and the prospective employee or covered entirely by the applicant.

Who can see the results of pre-employment medicals?

Pre-employment medical results are generally treated as confidential medical information.

Employers have an obligation to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of an applicant’s medical records.

The information obtained during the medical examination should only be shared with individuals directly involved in the hiring process.

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Latest News: Dorevitch Pathology collection centre is available onsite for our patients!