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A stressed out woman seated at her office desk, throwing her hands up in frustration after experiencing holiday blues

Are you already stressed to return back to work?

The holidays are filled with joy and happiness, yet when it comes to an end, even the thought of going back to reality can give you stress. So, if you’re already stressed to return to work, read our article to learn how you can manage holiday blues.

A woman who is feeling depressed rests her head on her hand as another woman comforts her

Can Iron Deficiency affect your mental health?

Iron deficiency is considered to be a physical condition, but there is a strong association between iron deficiency and struggling mental health.  Iron is a vital element that influences many other bodily functions. It is one of the main contributors to provide us with oxygenated blood. It keeps our brain and immune system ticking and

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Bareah Aboushamat (Psychologist)

Bareah Aboushamat is a Psychologist at Epping Family Medical & Specialist Centre who is experienced with providing a range of psychological services to both adolescents and adults including, but not limited to anxiety, PTSD, and working with survivors of family violence. BSc, GDipPsych, GDipHealth Counselling, MAPS Meet Your Epping Psychologist – Bareah Aboushamat Bareah has a

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